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Recent Press about the Huts

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photographer Ty Milford

Journal Entries from Hut Guests:

Feb 10th, 2010
The sliver of moon is slowly fading as the sun rises in a clear crisp sky.  I sit with coffee in hand, fire crackling, body just a bit sore from two days of skiing, mind cleaned and anchored to the pace of the wild.  I am grateful to the people who take care of these trails and huts.  For a guy from Northern Michigan, it’s a true adventure.

          ~Hans Voss, Traverse City, MI

Jan 5th, 2010
We arrived early in the afternoon with crystal clear views in every direction.  We stayed in this same hut last year during a snow storm.  At first we weren’t even sure it was the same hut!  Thanks for the awesome huts and grooming!

       ~Don & Jane, Portland, OR

Dec 29th, 2010
This is our 18th annual Methow women’s retreat to the huts.  As usual, we did not skimp on the wine, chocolate or Pringles!  Socks were knitted, moonlight sledding was attempted, laughter rang through the hut and beyond, and the skiing was magnificent, of course.  It feels like a universe away even though “home” is just miles away as the crows fly.  We find ourselves and each other here each year – thank you, thank you Rendezvous Huts!

       ~Methow Mamas, since 1992